I remember the morning that changed my life.

I was dropping off my daughter and son at their private school, for second grade and kindergarten.  There had been rushing around.  There had been missing shoes.  There had been changing of clothes.  As we pulled into the parking lot, my daughter was in tears, I was about to lose any sanity that may have remained within me and we were late.  Again.

I was frustrated.  I was angry at the “institution”.  I was miserable.

This was NOT the experience I wanted my children to have of growing up…rushing around, being late anyway, conflict, angry mommy, frustration, tears over breakfast.  But I could not understand WHY things were the way they were!  And what to do about it.

I envied the moms who came to school (on time) with their children, clean and dressed in the cutest clothes with not a hair out of place.  Their kids were perfectly coiffed also ;)   A lot of these women had jobs outside the home, too!  How did THEY do it?  What was wrong with ME that I couldn’t manage that?  I took it very seriously that I was falling short as a mother.

As tears began streaming down my face, these words came to me:


I hugged my children a little tighter before I herded them into their classrooms, and I set out to find a better alternative.  Since then, I have learned and grown so much as a mother and in turn, as a human being.  I now recognize my kids for who they really are: my greatest teachers.

I share my journey of parenthood to shine a light for other moms who feel alone, anxious, stressed, tired, angry and fed up with the way things are currently going.  There IS a better way!  I have found it and I continue to live it, day after day.



“Official Bio”:

Becky Richardson is a Certified Life Coach with a passion for teaching moms how to parent from a place of peace and have fun while doing it.  She considers her role as mother to be her most important work.  Becky knows that always trying to do everything “right” as a mom doesn’t work, and what to do about it.

Becky is the mother of two and has created relationships with her children that are open, loving and fun! She sees parent-child relationships (and all relationships) as platforms for learning, personal growth and spiritual understanding and maturity.

Becky’s fascination with human behavior motivated her to earn a bachelor’s degree in psychology from California State University Fresno.  She completed her life coach training and certification through Martha Beck Inc. in the Fall of 2007.  Most importantly, her kids continue day by day to school her in all the ways she still needs to be educated.

Becky is also a self-help book junkie and food creative.